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Polish man skinned his father and wore his face as a mask

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I colorized the original black and white images. Poland, 1999. A 26-year-old man killed his father by multiple…


Worker dies in a lathe accident

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Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia - November 2020. A 65-year-old worker died at the KAMAZ PJSC factory when he…


Fig.1 The offender had fantasized about cutting off the breasts of his victims and placing objects into their sexual orifices.

A mother and her daughter viciously stabbed, disemboweled, and mutilated by the Werewolf Butcher

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April 1995 - East Wenatchee, WA, USA. A young woman discovered the bodies of her mother and sister.…


Fig.7 The victim had been eviscerated and her hands were tied over her head with duct tape to the bed board.

Woman sexually assaulted and eviscerated

| Homicide | No Comments
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, US. On November 3 1998, a man and a woman encountered a gunman on the front…


Fig.3 The head and the left side of the face of the deceased on the pressing plate with the piston impaling the head (closer aspect).

Suicidal head impalement with a hydraulic press machine

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Serbia. A 63-year-old mechanic, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was released from a psychiatric clinic to spend a weekend with…


On Halloween Night, 1979, the Toolbox Killers Abducted Their Final Victim

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On Halloween night, 1979, at approximately 10:30 p.m. Lawrence Bittaker and Roy Norris abducted their final victim, 16-year-old…


Fig.1 A photo of Amanda in life as remembered by her family

The murder of a 19-year-old Indiana woman

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2011 - Portage, Indiana, USA. A 19-year-old woman named Amanda A.B. was reported missing by her father on…


Fig.4 Carol Marie Beethe was found in the bedroom of her home with a shotgun placed into her vagina. She also had been posed and propped for shock value.

The victims of serial killer George Waterfield Russell Jr.

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A series of murders occurred in Washington State in 1990. The murders began in Bellevue, Washington, in June…


Fig.8 Overview of cadaver after recovery from secondary digester tank. Note torsion of the torso and extensive bloating of soft tissues.

Worker falls into a sewage plant digester tank

| Accident, Decomposition, Drowning | No Comments
March 18, 2003 - Bonn, Germany. A lethal occupational accident occurred at the Bonn Salierweg sewage treatment plant…


Fig.6 Numerous pieces of soft tissue.

Man killed and dismembered by his spouse

| Homicide | No Comments
In Germany, a 65-year-old woman told police that she killed her 71-year-old husband the previous evening and then…


Christmas is cancelled – Autoerotic death

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Decomposition, Hanging | No Comments
A 52-year-old man was found dead, already putrefied, in his apartment. He wore women’s underwear with a female…


Fig.2 The man spent hours preparing for his events. This included makeup, female undergarments & outerwear. The mucous and protruding tongue are consistent with asphyxial death.

Autoerotic Death at the Weight Bench

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Hanging | No Comments
Hobbs, New Mexico, USA. This was the view that the arriving police officers had when they responded to…



Woman dies from hand grenade injuries after a marital quarrel

| Accident, Explosion, Homicide | No Comments
1994 - Rheine, Germany. A Chinese hand grenade type 86 P (weight approx. 290 g, approx. 1600 steel…



A blood-spattered scene where a chronic alcoholic died on the toilet

| Medical | No Comments
A 68-year-old male with a history of chronic ethanol abuse was found dead in his washroom with blood…


Fig.2 A large collection of blood next to the decedent was associated with self-inflicted rectal trauma.

Fatal rectal trauma after a man shoves a shoehorn up his ass

| Accident | No Comments
A 54-year-old man was found dead on his bed next to a red shoehorn. Perhaps he just wanted…


Fig.1 The laceration of the pelvic floor with the testicles protrusion.

Fatal scuba diving accident during Costa Concordia recovery

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Italy, 2014. A 41-year-old Spanish professional scuba diver, died while he was working to clear the wreck of…


Fig.1 Anterior view of the pilot’s head showing comminuted compound fracturing of the cranial vault with extrusion of cerebral contents.

Pilot and passenger died when their aircraft dived straight into the ground

| Accident, Aircrash | No Comments
An elderly male pilot was flying a microlight aircraft with one middle-aged male passenger in the rear of…


Fig.1 The victim lying dead in the bathtub. Her foot was cut off above the ankle following several incision wounds. The knife was found on the side of the bathtub near the faucet.

Woman commits suicide by cutting off her foot

| Suicide | No Comments
South Korea. Loosely translated from Korean. The deceased was a 61-year-old unemployed woman who lived alone. The mother…


Fig.1 The decedent on his right front side at the base of a wood wall in the partial log cabin-type home.

25-year-old Montana man dies in house fire

| Accident, Fire | No Comments
2010 - Montana, US. This 25-year-old man apparently was known to have been drinking into the early morning…


Fig.2 The victim was suspended with ligature to the shower frame.

Female autoerotic death

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Hanging | No Comments
North Carolina, USA. The body of a white female, 33 years old, who had recently been laid off…