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The victims of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17

| Accident, Aircrash, Explosion | No Comments
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down…


Worker dies in a lathe accident

| Accident | No Comments
Naberezhnye Chelny, Tatarstan, Russia - November 2020. A 65-year-old worker died at the KAMAZ PJSC factory when he…


Accidental masochistic death and sadomasochistic drawings

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death | No Comments
Spain. This is probably a case of autoerotic activity or masochism, where the victim appears to have hanged…


Fig.8 The fighter jet immediately returned to the carrier after the accident.

Sailor Killed in Aircraft Carrier Freak Accident

| Accident | No Comments
A US sailor from Macomb County was killed when he was struck by the wing of a fighter…


Fig.3 When Nikki was eight years old, doctors discovered a tumor in her brain that they initially didn’t think she would survive.

Porsche girl – The accident of Nikki Catsouras

| Accident | No Comments
On Halloween, 2006, 18-year-old Nikki Catsouras crashed her father’s Porsche 911 Carrera, driving at more than 100 miles…


Polish man skinned his father and wore his face as a mask

| Homicide | No Comments
I colorized the original black and white images. Poland, 1999. A 26-year-old man killed his father by multiple…


Christmas is cancelled – Autoerotic death

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Decomposition, Hanging | No Comments
A 52-year-old man was found dead, already putrefied, in his apartment. He wore women’s underwear with a female…


Fig.2 Anterior view of perineal wound showing near complete amputation of the phallus.

Unusual mechanism of penile amputation from an industrial-sized lawn mower

| Accident | No Comments
West Virginia, USA. A 69-year-old male who was found underneath an industrial-sized lawn mower in a rural area.…


Fig.1 A car with body dangling through the windshield pulled into Covington gas station.

A car with body dangling through the windshield pulled into Covington gas station

| Accident | No Comments
Covington, Kentucky, USA - 2017. “I thought it was a prank because there was this body hanging out…


Fig.1 Woman dies after falling into a machine used for making dough for tortillas.

Woman dies after falling into tortilla machine

| Accident | No Comments
Pachuca, Mexico. This happened about ~10 years ago. A woman died when she fell into a rotating machine…


Fig.3 The head and the left side of the face of the deceased on the pressing plate with the piston impaling the head (closer aspect).

Suicidal head impalement with a hydraulic press machine

| Suicide | No Comments
Serbia. A 63-year-old mechanic, diagnosed with schizophrenia, was released from a psychiatric clinic to spend a weekend with…


Fig.1 The offender had fantasized about cutting off the breasts of his victims and placing objects into their sexual orifices.

A mother and her daughter viciously stabbed, disemboweled, and mutilated by the Werewolf Butcher

| Homicide | No Comments
April 1995 - East Wenatchee, WA, USA. A young woman discovered the bodies of her mother and sister.…


Fig.1 The position of the corpse (after removal of the blanket lying on the corpse): lateral view.

Suicide with home made guillotine

| Suicide | No Comments
Germany. In early September 2011, after a 2-week holiday, a 26-year-old man failed to show up for work…


Fig.1 This is what the reporting witnesses saw when they looked into the window of the victim’s home. The woman had been shot and killed by her husband, who then mutilated her body.

Husband kills his wife and jammed his wedding ring onto her nose

| Homicide | No Comments
East Lake, Ohio. Police who had responded to an emergency call discovered a woman named Susan murdered in…


Fig.3 The mother’s partially skeletonized body on the kitchen floor.

2 mummified bodies found in Florida home

| Decomposition, Homicide, Mummification, Suicide | No Comments
Lehigh Acres, Florida, US, 2002. A 63-year-old woman lived with her 34-year-old son in a residential neighborhood in…


Fig.7 The victim had been eviscerated and her hands were tied over her head with duct tape to the bed board.

Woman sexually assaulted and eviscerated

| Homicide | No Comments
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, US. On November 3 1998, a man and a woman encountered a gunman on the front…


Fig.1 26 year old Ingrid Escamilla Vargas.

Maniac skins girlfriend – flushed her guts through the toilet

| Homicide | No Comments
Mexico City, Mexico - February 9, 2020, a woman was brutally murdered by her partner who skinned and…


Fig.1 Twin brothers dead on a sofa with self-inflicted gunshot wounds to their heads. One brother is holding a homemade firearm.

Twin brothers commit suicide together

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
Twin brothers committed suicide together with a gunshot wound to the head from self-constructed shooting devices, they were…


Fig.4 Carol Marie Beethe was found in the bedroom of her home with a shotgun placed into her vagina. She also had been posed and propped for shock value.

The victims of serial killer George Waterfield Russell Jr.

| Homicide | No Comments
A series of murders occurred in Washington State in 1990. The murders began in Bellevue, Washington, in June…


Fig.2 The victim was suspended with ligature to the shower frame.

Female autoerotic death

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Hanging | No Comments
North Carolina, USA. The body of a white female, 33 years old, who had recently been laid off…