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This man had a fatal accident and has suffered traumatizing injuries on his face. No further info. Soft tissue injuries, whether isolated or in combination with other injuries, are among the most common traumatic craniofacial injuries encountered by emergency department personnel and plastic surgeons. In general, injury patterns vary greatly depending on the patient population. Slips, trips, and falls, which commonly cause isolated soft tissue injuries such as laceration and contusions, are most common in children and the elderly. Violence and motor vehicle accidents are the predominant causes of injury in individuals ranging from 15 to 50 years old.

Fig.1 Injuries on the face.

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Fig.2 Exit with cranial rupture.

Suicide by intraoral shotgun wound

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Russia. This individual committed suicide by intraoral shotgun wound. In the head, neck, and limbs, shotgun exit wounds…
Fig.4 A compound comminuted fracture of the head and face.

Motorcyclist’s heart skipping along the road and head split

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Fig.1 Suffocation suicide with plastic bag.

Suffocation suicide with plastic bag

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Spain. No info. Suffocation by plastic bag is not common. The finding of a body at the scene…
Fig.1 Dicing injuries.

Dicing injuries

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These are short, linear, angulated, incised injuries caused by the characteristic cubed fragments of shattered tempered glass. Tempered…