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Powder tattooing is seen in this intermediate range gunshot wound. The actual entrance site is somewhat irregular, because the bullet can tumble in flight. Alternatively it may be termed as ‘stippling’ or ‘peppering’. These marks are due to semi-burnt or unburnt powder particles and again far more common with black powder than with modern propellants. Individual tattoos are caused by individual semi-burnt or unburnt powder particles/grains being blown into the skin of the victim. Physical forms of propellant powder exert their influence in the production of powder tattooing. There was no info about this case.

Fig.1 Powder tattooing from intermediate range gunshot wound.

The size and density of the area of powder tattooing vary with the calibre of the weapon, the barrel length, the type of the propellant and the distance from the muzzle to the target. As the distance increases, the intensity of the powder blackening and tattooing decreases and the size of the soot or powder pattern increases. Powder tattooing is an antemortem phenomenon indicating that the individual was alive at the time of discharge of the weapon. If the individual was dead before being shot, although the powder may produce marks upon the skin, these marks will show moist grey or yellow appearance rather than reddish-brown to orange-red colouration of antemortem tattooing and moreover, they are usually less numerous than markings produced in the living subject at the same range.

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