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This woman was hit by a train and killed, no further info. In 2020, 1.331 significant railway accidents were reported in the EU. A total of 687 persons were killed in these accidents, while another 468 persons were seriously injured. At EU level, the number of fatalities in railway accidents decreased gradually over the last decade, from 1.245 in 2010 to 687 in 2020, a fall by 45 %. Suicides occurring on railways are reported separately. With 2.204 reported cases in 2020, suicides outnumber the victims accounted for by railway accidents.

Fig.1 Woman killed by train.

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Fig.2 Exit with cranial rupture.

Suicide by intraoral shotgun wound

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Russia. This individual committed suicide by intraoral shotgun wound. In the head, neck, and limbs, shotgun exit wounds…
Fig.4 A compound comminuted fracture of the head and face.

Motorcyclist’s heart skipping along the road and head split

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USA. A motorcyclist changed lanes on the freeway to avoid stopped traffic ahead of him. As he started…
Fig.1 Suffocation suicide with plastic bag.

Suffocation suicide with plastic bag

| Asphyxiation, Suicide | No Comments
Spain. No info. Suffocation by plastic bag is not common. The finding of a body at the scene…
Fig.1 Dicing injuries.

Dicing injuries

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These are short, linear, angulated, incised injuries caused by the characteristic cubed fragments of shattered tempered glass. Tempered…