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The body of this decomposed individual was pulled from the sea. The loss of tissue around eyes and mouth was caused by marine predators. In this case the dentures were used to identify the individual. Some dental prostheses carry makers’ or patients’ record numbers embedded in the plate material, and this can be associated with the identity of the wearer. The cut throat was made by a nylon hawser that threw this ship’s officer overboard.

Identification through forensic science is an art of giving a corpse a name. Forensic dentistry deals with proper handling and examination of dental evidence and proper evaluation and presentation of dental findings in interest of justice. Denture marking or labeling is not a new concept in either Prosthetic or Forensic dentistry and its routine practice has been urged by Forensic dentists internationally for many years.

Fig.1 The use of dentures to identify a decomposed body from the sea.

Denture marking is accepted as a means of identifying dentures and persons in geriatric institutions or post mortem during war, crimes, and civil unrest, natural and mass disasters. Prosthodontists are playing very important role in forensic dentistry as they are concerned with fabrication of various prostheses which can serve as an important tool for identification. Identification is essential requirement of any medico-legal investigation because a wrong identity may pose a problem in delivering justice.

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