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Tentative cuts inflicted with suicidal intent accompanied by deep stab/incised wounds to the soft tissue of the neck. Tentative wounds are superficial, usually parallel incisions in the epidermis, at most the dermis, found adjacent to individual deeper skin incisions causing vessel injury. Injury is localized to an area easily accessible to the individualโ€™s dominant hand, predominantly to the flexor side of the left wrist or left side of the neck (in the case of right-handed individuals). These wounds are attributed to the onset of pain experienced when the incising instrument comes into contact with the skin and prevents the incision being made with the initially intended force.

Fig.1 Tentative cuts inflicted with suicidal intent.

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Fig.2 Exit with cranial rupture.

Suicide by intraoral shotgun wound

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Fig.4 A compound comminuted fracture of the head and face.

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Fig.1 Suffocation suicide with plastic bag.

Suffocation suicide with plastic bag

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Fig.1 Dicing injuries.

Dicing injuries

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