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Suicide by train. Decapitation of the head. No further info. Unfortunately, suicides by train do occur, and they are a tragic and distressing phenomenon. The prevalence of such incidents can vary across different regions and contexts. Factors such as accessibility to train tracks, population density, mental health issues, and societal factors can influence the frequency of these incidents. It’s important to approach this topic with sensitivity and compassion, as it involves the loss of human lives and the profound impact it has on affected individuals, families, and communities. If you or someone you know is struggling with mental health issues or thoughts of self-harm, it’s crucial to reach out to mental health professionals or helpline services for support and assistance.

Fig.1 Suicide by train.

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Fig.2 Exit with cranial rupture.

Suicide by intraoral shotgun wound

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Russia. This individual committed suicide by intraoral shotgun wound. In the head, neck, and limbs, shotgun exit wounds…
Fig.4 A compound comminuted fracture of the head and face.

Motorcyclist’s heart skipping along the road and head split

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USA. A motorcyclist changed lanes on the freeway to avoid stopped traffic ahead of him. As he started…
Fig.1 Suffocation suicide with plastic bag.

Suffocation suicide with plastic bag

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Spain. No info. Suffocation by plastic bag is not common. The finding of a body at the scene…
Fig.1 Dicing injuries.

Dicing injuries

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These are short, linear, angulated, incised injuries caused by the characteristic cubed fragments of shattered tempered glass. Tempered…