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New Delhi, India. The incident took place in one of the guest houses in the city. The deceased was registered in the guest house as male. He was found hanging in female attire. The female attire included salwar-kammej and female undergarment-brassiere and underwear (asset of common clothing of woman). The person had a wig of long black hair at the head and silvery metallic ornaments at both the ankles. These types of ornaments are commonly put on by women in this region. Post-mortem examination revealed him to be male. He died due to hanging.

Fig.1 The deceased was registered in the guest house as male.

Fig.2 The deceased was found hanging from a ceiling fan.

Putrefaction begins immediately upon death and usually becomes noticeable within 24 hours. As soon as death occurs, the bacteria or microorganisms within the intestinal tract escape from the bowel into the other tissues of the body. As they grow, they begin to produce gases and other properties that distort and discolor the tissues of the body. The discoloration is a dark greenish combination of colors and is generally pronounced within 36 hours. As a result, the body begins to swell from the putrefactive gases, emitting an extremely repugnant odor.

Fig.3 The body was in a bloating state of decomposition.

Fig.4 Enlarged genitalia from bloating.

Fig.5 Skin slippage on the feet.

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