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Colombia – November 2003. Six police officers died in a road explosion by guerrilla group FARC. According to police sources the officers belonged to the Special Operations Command (Copes), trained in counter-guerrilla actions.

The National Police reported that the death of its men was registered at 10 in the morning at the Baraya site, in the Punta de Blanco village, which belongs to the rehabilitation and consolidation zone.







Official spokesmen indicated that around 9:10 in the morning the Galeras Police Station received an anonymous call in which a local landowner in the rural area of ​​the municipality was reported murdered.

The commander of the post ordered the inspection of the place with 12 officers, who left on three motorcycles and a patrol vehicle.

When the caravan was less than a kilometer from reaching the site of the alleged murder, a 450-kilogram explosive was activated in its path, leaving disintegrated bodies and debris in a ​​300-meter radius.







Sergeant Oscar Córdoba Palacios, Deputy Mayor Ledys Majul Medrano, patrolmen César Vélez Castaño and Jair Cabrales Espitia Jair and agents Alejandro Puentes Moreno and Pedro Rodríguez Alvarez, who were on the patrol, died at the scene.

The other policemen suffered minor injuries and were treated yesterday at a Sincelejo medical center. The Police reported that it was all a trap to kill the officers, and there was never any dead landlord.

The Commander of the Sucre police, Coronel, José Domingo Barinas, said that they will pursue those responsible for this attack until they find their whereabouts.

In an operation carried out by the Marine Corps and the Police, with the support of the Air Force, two suspects of the attack have been captured.







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