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Postmortem protrusion of the tongue due to putrefactive gas formation and purging of putrefactive fluid from the nostrils. At the bloating stage, the microorganisms residing in the human gut begin to digest the tissues of the body, excreting gases that cause the torso and limbs to bloat, and producing foul-smelling chemicals including putrescine and cadaverine.

Fig.1 Protrusion of the tongue and putrefactive fluid from the nostrils.

The gases under the skin also causes the skin to turn green and black. Cells in tissues break down and release hydrolytic enzymes, and the top layer of skin may become loosened, leading to skin slippage. Decomposition of the gastrointestinal tract results in a dark, foul-smelling liquid called “purge fluid” that is forced out of the nose and mouth due to gas pressure in the intestine. The bloat stage is characterized by a shift in the bacterial population from aerobic to anaerobic bacterial species.

Fig.2 Gases cause the torso and limbs to bloat during the bloating stage.

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