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Fig.2 Exit with cranial rupture.

Suicide by intraoral shotgun wound

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
Russia. This individual committed suicide by intraoral shotgun wound. In the head, neck, and limbs, shotgun exit wounds…
Fig.4 A compound comminuted fracture of the head and face.

Motorcyclist’s heart skipping along the road and head split

| Accident | No Comments
USA. A motorcyclist changed lanes on the freeway to avoid stopped traffic ahead of him. As he started…
Fig.1 Suffocation suicide with plastic bag.

Suffocation suicide with plastic bag

| Asphyxiation, Suicide | No Comments
Spain. No info. Suffocation by plastic bag is not common. The finding of a body at the scene…
Fig.1 Dicing injuries.

Dicing injuries

| Accident | No Comments
These are short, linear, angulated, incised injuries caused by the characteristic cubed fragments of shattered tempered glass. Tempered…
Fig.1 Gunshot wound on the neck.

Gunshot wound on the neck

| Gunshot | No Comments
Gunshot wound on the neck, no further info. A gunshot wound (GSW) is a penetrating injury caused by…
Fig.4 Needles stuck to the face.

An overkill matricide

| Homicide | No Comments
Italy. A 73-year-old woman was found dead in her own home by the police. The police intervened because…
Fig.1 Plastic bag suffocation.

Plastic bag suffocation

| Asphyxiation, Suicide | No Comments
Cook County. The plastic bag prevents the physiologic breathing by rapid oxygen consumption and mechanical obstruction of the…
Fig.1 Contact-range gunshot wound on the head.

Contact-range gunshot wound on the head

| Gunshot | No Comments
This individual has a contact-range gunshot wound on the head. The head has been shaved around the wound.…
Fig.1 Lacerations from a hammer.

Lacerations from a hammer

| Homicide | No Comments
Fatal lacerations from hammer on the head. No further info. Claw hammers have the specific characteristic of having…
Fig.1 The victim’s hair covered her face. There was a belt wrapped tightly around her neck.

Female autoerotic death

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death, Hanging | No Comments
Chicago, Illinois. The victim was a 34-year-old white female, who lived alone in an apartment on the north…
Fig.1 Advanced decomposition and purge fluid.

Advanced decomposition and purge fluid

| Decomposition | No Comments
An example of a body demonstrating relatively advanced decomposition, with bloating, skin discoloration, and abundant purge fluid. The…

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Fig.1 Skeletal remains of a body found outdoors.

Skeletal remains of a body found outdoors

| Animal Scavenging, Decomposition | No Comments
Nassau County, New York. Skeletal remains of a body found outdoors. No further info. Skeletonization is the state…
Fig.1 Massive head trauma from a suicide.

Massive head trauma from a suicide

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
This individual committed suicide with a gun. He has massive head trauma and cranial rupture. The head is…
Fig.3 The mother’s partially skeletonized body on the kitchen floor.

2 mummified bodies found in Florida home

| Decomposition, Homicide, Mummification, Suicide | No Comments
Lehigh Acres, Florida, US, 2002. A 63-year-old woman lived with her 34-year-old son in a residential neighborhood in…
Fig.1 Stab wounds of the back.

Female psychiatrist fatally stabbed

| Homicide | No Comments
Italy. A 53-year-old female psychiatrist was fatally stabbed in her office in a Mental Health Center by a…