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18-year-old man died in a motor vehicle crash

| Accident | No Comments
USA. This 18-year-old man died in a motor vehicle crash with rollover and ejection. No further info. Rollover…
Fig.1 Suicide with a hunting rifle.

Suicide with a hunting rifle

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
This individual died after shooting himself under the chin with a hunting rifle. No further info. Head injuries…
Fig.2 The two separated parts of the skull.

Woman committed suicide with a band saw

| Suicide | No Comments
~1990s - A 48-year-old landlord’s wife suffering from chronic depression committed suicide with a band saw by amputation…
Fig.1 The female decedent was on her left side on the bed.

Woman killed in a murder-suicide

| Gunshot, Homicide, Suicide | No Comments
A 25-year-old woman had moved in with her 34-year-old boyfriend 3 weeks earlier. The brother of the boyfriend…
Fig.1 Tissue tears extending from the sides of the mouth from intraoral shotgun wound.

Tears from the sides of the mouth from intraoral shotgun wound

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
In this intraoral shotgun wound, note the tissue tears extending from the sides of the mouth. These tears…
Fig.3 A gunshot wound was noted in the right temporal region.

Young woman found dead with a gunshot wound to the head

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
2006 - Belo Jardim, Brazil. The Police was called to a residential unit located in the rural area…
Fig.1 Postmortem animal activity.

Postmortem animal activity

| Animal Scavenging | No Comments
The phenomenon of postmortem animal interference with human bodies or their remains is a substantial part of the…
Fig.1 This photo depicts the victim’s body when removed from the river along with a comparison of the victim’s driver’s license photo.

Identification of bloated bodies in water

| Decomposition | No Comments
Many times it is difficult to make a physical identification of the victim’s bloated body recovered from the…
Fig.5 Stellate exit wound.

Young man commits suicide with a shotgun

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
Iceland. A 28-year-old man was reported missing by his mother. He had a medical history of depression, for…

Cuts on woman’s face

| Medical | No Comments
I have sadly no information about this one. Found in teaching material from the Office of the Armed…
Fig.1 Fatal propeller injuries.

Fatal propeller injuries

| Accident | No Comments
No info about this case. The wounds produced by this mechanism are chopping, cutting, penetrating injuries produced by…

Road explosion by guerrilla group FARC kills six police officers

| Explosion, Homicide | No Comments
Colombia - November 2003. Six police officers died in a road explosion by guerrilla group FARC. According to…
Fig.1 Prison inmate who wrote an inscription on the wall of the prison cell using his own blood before hanging himself.

Satan is coming take me home

| Asphyxiation, Hanging, Suicide | No Comments
USA. Self-inflicted injuries on a prison inmate who hanged himself after writing "Satan is coming take me home"…

Man found hanging and decomposing in the forest

| Decomposition, Hanging, Suicide | No Comments
A young man in Brazil was found hanged and decomposed in the forest, he had been missing for…
Fig.1 Mummified body of a woman preserving her facial features, weighing 13 kilos.

Mummified body of a woman

| Decomposition, Mummification | No Comments
Spain. Mummified body of a woman preserving her facial features, weighing 13 kilos. Mummification occurs in hot, dry…
Fig.1 Scene where the body was recovered from.

Indoor postmortem animal scavenging by 15 dogs

| Animal Scavenging, Decomposition | No Comments
In Sri Lanka, a 76-year-old female was found dead in her house lying supine on the bed and…