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Fig.1 Animal predation by a dog.

Animal predation by a dog

| Animal Scavenging | No Comments
Russia. This individual died at his home from thromboembolism, he was found a week later, during that time…
Fig.1 Marbling.


| Decomposition | No Comments
Marbling is a common finding usually found after at least 24 h since death occurred and is a…
Fig.3 Upper torso covered with cheese underneath upper body tights.

Man covered in cheese found dead after autoerotic activity

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Autoerotic Death | No Comments
Germany. A 40-year-old man who lived alone was found deceased in his apartment on the 13th floor of…
Fig.1 Contact gunshot wound from a shotgun slug.

Contact gunshot wound from a shotgun slug

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
Contact gunshot wound from a shotgun slug. The entrance wound can be seen under the chin and the…

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The April 2024 issue is out   With a monthly subscription the Shocker brings you unfiltered views of…
Fig.1 Woman decapitated by her husband.

Woman decapitated by her husband

| Homicide | No Comments
A 41-year-old woman, from Lalitpur, Kathmandu, Nepal, who was decapitated by her husband in their bedroom. The victim…
Fig.1 Under the chin suicide.

Under the chin suicide

| Gunshot, Suicide | No Comments
This individual committed suicide with a gunshot under the chin using a rifle also resulting in a complete…
Fig.3 At autopsy, the distribution of postmortem lividities was comparable to that found at the time of death.

Woman dies from traumatic asphyxia

| Accident, Asphyxiation, Decomposition | No Comments
Italy. The victim was a 56-year-old woman whose body was found by the rescue team to be in…
Fig.2 One of the caretakers was shot point blank in the face with a shotgun while napping in a hammock.

Paramilitary group kills two caretakers

| Gunshot, Homicide | No Comments
An armed paramilitary group of about 30 men invaded the La Ceiba estate in sector Marimonda I, in…

Natural death due to a ruptured aneurysm

| Accident, Medical | No Comments
USA. This apparent case of a sex slaying is actually a natural death due to a ruptured aneurysm.…
Fig.1 Contact gunshot wound with stellate blow back lacerations.

Contact gunshot wound with stellate blow back lacerations

| Gunshot | No Comments
Contact gunshot wound with stellate blow back lacerations and singeing. In contact gunshot wounds with bony tissue underlying…

Suicide of a 53-year-old woman

| Suicide | No Comments
Suicide of a 53-year-old woman who inflicted cuts to both sides of her neck and to the flexor…
Fig.1 Explosive-induced trauma.

Explosive-induced trauma

| Explosion, Homicide, Suicide | No Comments
Explosive-induced trauma of the upper posterior part of the trunk with decapitation and gaping lacerations of the superior…

The five stages of decomposition

| Decomposition, Mummification | No Comments
Decomposition of a corpse is a continual process that can take from weeks to years, depending on the…
Fig.1 Black putrefaction.

Black putrefaction

| Decomposition | No Comments
Body in stages of black putrefaction. Black putrefaction is the stage where the exposed flesh blackens, and the…
Fig.1 Body recovered from the bank of a swamp.

Body recovered from the bank of a swamp

| Animal Scavenging, Decomposition, Drowning | No Comments
The body of a 35-year-old woman was recovered from the bank of a swamp in the southeastern United…